16 days agoMarch 19, 2020
This amazing to hear, as the waves crash I feel waves of energy flowing up and down    and thru my body. A goosebump/prickly feeling that I was sensing. I just wanted to continue sitting in this space. I can still feel the after effects even though the sound has stopped.  It felt nurturing. Thank you so much for helping humanity in this way
16 days agoMarch 20, 2020
I love this!!!
15 days agoMarch 20, 2020
The hypothesis is that the mechanism of action of how this technology works has to do with how it gently changes brain waves (via audio stimuli) and activates internal cellular processes within the cells/tissue/organism to optimize cell signaling.  We hypothesize that this shift in brain waves creates more connections in the functional centers of the brain, which allows the body to work more efficiently and effectively creating homeostasis.
Bette Phillips
11 days agoMarch 24, 2020
I could see waves crashing on the beach, in my minds eye & could feel energy washing over me. I would like to try my singing bowls with this.
11 days agoMarch 25, 2020
Hi Bette, Source Medicine recommends doing this in a quiet space without other sounds for optimal effectiveness.
10 days agoMarch 25, 2020

9 days agoMarch 26, 2020

8 days agoMarch 27, 2020
Thank you for sharing this.
Nelleke McGrath
8 days agoMarch 28, 2020
thank you for this offering. I've been using the Audio clip as profilaxis when it first came out. I felt some proving symptoms initially physically, and then also increased awareness around purposes of Covid-19 virus entity. Now I use new MP3 daily. One effect is a bright blue and white energy waving through my upper chest. another delighful effect is my feeling of easy breathing, easy being, safety - there's no sense of danger at all - I observe many drama's unfolding.
1 day agoApril 3, 2020
Its soothing. I want to listen longer or over and over. Is it ok to listen longer daily?
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